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So much goes into making a data and network system efficient, effective, and reliable. Our team of professional security experts can work with you and your staff to create a culture of understanding of the importance of network and data security.  


Our services include the following: 


Information Security Services

Risk Assessments

Identify threats and vulnerabilities and the associated likelihood and impact. The result of these assessments will be a “determination of risk” at either a project or global level.

Vulnerability Assessments

Identify critical, exploitable flaws in network infrastructure. These assessments will produce findings that require remediation to ensure a secure environment.

Program/Policy Review

The backbone of any organization’s security posture lies in its Information Security Program. Governance experts will create a top down program incorporating best practices specific to your organization.

Business Continuity

Using Business Impact Analyses, determine where critical systems and data reside and how to quickly and efficiently restore functionality while minimizing customer impact.

Security Awareness Training

The biggest weakness in the security industry always has and will be people. Your organization may need onsite training, email updates or development of a training program to ensure users are aware of their responsibilities.

Independent Auditing

Internal, IT and/or Regulatory Compliance auditing is essential to the success of an organization. The demands of each can require separate Subject Matter Experts throughout the organization. Through ongoing training and accreditation, we are on the forefront of the requirements of each area.



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Proper Fox has been our trusted Internet Security Consultant for years and their expertise is something we have come to depend on for our business to meet the needs of our clients and protect our data systems.

Aaron Rich, Panama City


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